Amanda Gallucci
Content Strategist
Email Marketer

Hi! My name is Amanda Gallucci and I'm a young professional making my way in digital marketing and content strategy.

My degree is in English and Business and where the two collide — where I can balance my communication skills, creative writing abilities, and adept critical thinking — is where I thrive.

I've been told that content strategy is not something one can be passionate about, but ever since I entered the space I can't stop reading and learning about it, and exploring the opportunities this industry has to offer. The idea of crafting a cohesive vision for a brand's online presence, ever so critical in current times, is what really excites me. I'm constantly working as hard as I can to develop my expertise and experience in my field.

I truly believe in the power of networking and strong mentors, and I'm grateful to the people who have set me on my way. It's one of the reasons I love connecting with other rising professionals and helping with resumes and career paths.

Thanks for stopping by! Don't hesitate to reach out.